Divorce & Family Law

divorce family lawChoosing who will represent you as your Divorce Family Law Attorney should be done with care. We at Gonzalez Law Firm pride ourselves on having the ability to handle complex family law litigation without losing sight of the smaller, emotionally-fraught details that often mean the most, at the end of the day, to the people we represent.

As a Divorce Family Law Attorney our firm’s practice encompasses cases and other litigation-related disputes arising out of divorce, separate maintenance, paternity, legitimization  child support, child custody, and / or parenting time, as well as enforcement of orders related to those issues.

The purpose of our initial consultation is to provide you with a level of comfort and knowledge as to how Florida law may apply to your particular domestic situation and what you may expect throughout the process.

We are your Jacksonville Florida Divorce & Family Law Attorney please call us to schedule your initial consultation


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